Research & concept

Slow #4

Slow is an ongoing project about work and life strategies that are dealing with slowing down through depression and its aesthetics

As a set designer for movies and video installations, I am accustomed to exploring how to undo the reality of materials and letting textures, props and colors define political and complex internal structures. On the visible levels, that is my profession. Under the surface, where the rest of my life is, I produce ideas, performances, proposals and photo series that are all wrapped around the topic of disengagement and depression. During these examinations I gained confidence and curiosity to explore personal experiences (my own and those of others) in order to define progressive - at times counter-cultural - strategies to cope with the illness and its negative public perception, that are laying within the symptoms and everyday life of mental conditions. The goal is to collect confidence through artistic maneuvers, to work against stigmatization of mentally ill and to address flaws of living in a neoliberal status-quo society.