installation + interface


idea + sculptures: Merle Vorwald
programming/ interface: Gijs de Heij
pictures by Karolien Chromiac/ Janos Buck

2018 (various dimensions) installation/ interface + performance

SILIKON SKIN is following the question of how to learn from the transgender speedcore producer/DJ Liza’n’Eliaz. SILIKON SKIN looks into Liza's biography through the lense of post-factual exchange culture. It’s format is an installation of marble objects, a sculptural narrator and a performance booth.
The narrator is connected to a text generator/ interface. Based on a collection of Wikipedia entries associated with + exaggerating Liza’s biography, the text generator is functioning as a online DJ booth where the performer creates an indefinite number of text versions. The performer can also play with the narrator's voice identity through tonality, speed and volume.
The text generator is looking into lingual transition processes and using Liza’s biography to transition her into a hyperstate of information.

SILIKON SKIN was developed out of the ISITDARK?/ DARKITIS! exhibitions by the artist collectives ENCORE and SEXES centering around the music and biography of the speedcore producer Liza’n’Eliaz

more info about Liza research: