ENCORE- hardcore initiatives

After the gabber nation projects the group changed its name to ENCORE.
Initiative No.01:
one-night performance at Museum Abteiberg

ENCORE members:
Bastian Hagedorn
Johannes B├╝ttner
Ekaterina Burlyga
Merle Vorwald
Mathieu Lohse

contribution: ENCORE menu based the local coal mining culture,
all ingredients taken from the area, all herbs picked around Garzweiler II
soundinstallation: Bastian Hagedorn
ENCORE interior: Merle Vorwald
food: Mathieu Lohse + Merle Vorwald

main course
Sauerbraten/ Selleriebraten
mashed potatoes
Camomile/ raisin butter
leek ash
red bull sorbet
pickled elderflowers
candied elderflowers